What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and How Does it Work?

Author: Charter Global
Published: January 12, 2021
Categories: RPA

In search of ways to increase efficiencies and reduce costs, businesses are seeking more ways to automate. Incorporating automation into different aspects of an organization’s processes can allow a business to diagnose issues quicker, reduce complexities, and scale easier. Although we’ve seen an expanding demand for all types of automation, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has had one of the highest spikes in use, as of late. The Charter Global team is skilled in Jenkins, Git, Docker, AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud platforms to offer the most comprehensive automation services to our clients, including RPA.

What is RPA?

The RPA systems Charter Global creates enables a business to automate a repeatable process that typically requires a human component. As an ever-evolving intelligent software, the RPA is able to learn from data, interpret a situation, and communicate as needed to perform a task (in a broad range of complexities). We often recommend RPAs to businesses that are in need of a solution that doesn’t make mistakes, is able to run 24/7, and there is no downtime for the task at hand.

How Does RPA Work?

Robotic Process Automation” is designed by setting parameters for how a task should be performed, what inputs it should recognize, and includes a machine learning aspect. The “robot” works through a series of steps that a human would normally do (and take much longer to complete) to complete a project. Charter Global is able to provide the resources, tools, and guidance to implement it into an ongoing infrastructure without disrupting regular business systems.

Many of our clients are able to use this automation in a broad spectrum of industries, so RPAs aren’t limited to benefiting high-tech companies. Once installed, an RPA can improve the productivity of a team of employees that were previously required to perform a particular or repetitive task. Now the staff can spend their valuable time focusing on more complex tasks and projects.

Creating RPA with Charter Global

Our first step with clients interested in Robotic Process Automation is to identify and delineate the workflow process of the organization. Once established, our expert consulting team is able to offer insights and provide recommendations on how the business could improve production, reduce costs, and save time. We are able to recommend the best automation tools specifically for their business, integrate those tools and technologies, and provide test cycles to ensure they are performing at an optimal level.

Charter Global is ready to implement an already-prepared, in-house automation framework, and customize it to fit the parameters and goals of the business model. This enables our clients to see the results and feedback in an accelerated time frame, as well as a faster time-to-market with little, to no downtime.

If you are ready to find more productivity in your business, give us a call today to talk about Robotic Process Automation – it just might be the perfect option for you!