Requirements Gathering for Software Development Projects

Author: Charter Global
Published: December 22, 2014

Gathering requirements” may sound simple, but essentially, is the most important piece to any project and project management.This very first step ensures all stakeholders are on the same page and understand exactly what is, and is not expected of the project. All team members make sure that the scope of the project is fully understood and agreed with the stakeholders/clients. As tedious as the process may seem, it is the road map through the project and allows every team member to brainstorm and find potential “pot holes” in the beginning versus mid-project. Saving clients, end-users and yourself budget dollars, time and resources.


Process of Requirements Gathering for Software Development Projects:


The business analyst team uses various methods to capture project requirements and then pass the requirements to the project team. Once business requirements are converted into technical requirements, then the implementation starts.


BA team may not capture all requirements because they do not know all technicalities. Therefore all teams involve in one or two meetings with stakeholders.


Requirements include:


  • Goals
  • Audience
  • Methodology (Agile, Waterfall)


Tips for Successful Requirements Gathering for Software Development Projects


  • Never assume that you know the customer’s requirements.
  • Focus on making the requirements document crystal clear. Requirement documentation is the only way to get the client and the service provider to an agreement.
  • Ensure requirements are specific, realistic and measurable.
  • Avoid talking technology or solutions until the requirements are fully understood.
  • Get the requirements agreed with the stakeholders before the project starts.
  • Create a prototype if necessary to confirm the customers’ requirements.


Requirements Gathering for Software Development Projects is the most important step of a project. If the project team fails to collect all the necessary requirements for a solution, the project could be at risk. The most extreme side of the spectrum could cause many disputes and disagreements in the future, and as a result, the business relationship could be permanently damaged.


Therefore, this is project team key responsibility to collect requirements. Until the requirements are done, do not promise or comment on the nature of the solution.


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