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Understanding Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Understanding Blockchain and Cryptocurrency   By Leila Kojouri   The popularity of Bitcoin and Blockchain has skyrocketed in the past few years. It seems every industry has expressed a lot of interest within the realm of blockchain, or cryptocurrency.  What is cryptocurrency, you ask? Think Bitcoin. A common misconception is…

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Blockchain Trends on the Rise in 2019

Blockchain Trends on the Rise in 2019   By Leila Kojouri   Thought of as a "simple technology," experts are eager to use blockchain as a substitute for more complex technologies in different sectors. Fortune 500 high tech companies Microsoft, Oracle, and IBM introduced cloud-based blockchain services, and they have…

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3 Cyber Crime Trends in 2019

3 Cyber Crime Trends in 2019     3 Cyber Security Risks On The Rise in 2019     Topic: 3 Cyber Security Issues on the Rise in 2019     By Leila Kojouri   As technology becomes more advanced, so do cybercriminals in their methodology. Chances are, you've heard…

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Mobile & IoT Tech Trends

Mobile & IoT Tech Trends   Current and future trends used for mobile devices and expanding into IoT.   Near Field Communication (NFC)   Mobile phones are at the mature phase of the product lifecycle causing manufacturers to search for new ways to squeeze out profits. However, they keep reinventing the…

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Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Enterprise Mobility Solutions   Transformation through mobility is seen in different spheres of life.   Enterprise mobility has proven to suit a wide variety of business models, sizes, and scales. Because of this, many business owners are increasingly embracing enterprise mobility. With this decision, matching or exceeding stiff competition in…

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Five Features of a Great Microservice Design

Five Features of a Great Microservice Design   Advice on the fundamentals of a well-designed microservice from experienced CTOs.   For teams new to microservices, there is always a challenge of understanding what exactly makes up a properly-designed microservice. Quite often, they fall into the quagmire of making their microservices…

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Dynamic App Delivery

Dynamic App Delivery – Google Play New App Serving Model     Having issues with the current builds? Here’s something new.   Android App Bundle - Definition   The introduction of a new app publishing format took place at Google I/O 2018, known as Android App Bundle (AAB). This new…

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Instant Apps: The Lighter Mobile Experience

Instant Apps: The Lighter Mobile Experience   Instant Apps Are the Easy Way to Try Apps and Games Without Installation.     What Are Instant Apps?    An Instant app is a lighter version of a regular android app which gives users full access to the application features without having to…

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