Using IoT to Enhance Your Mobile App – Increase Online Customer Subscription

Author: Kamesh Garimella
Published: April 28, 2021

We have been awarded by a leading healthcare company to enhance their smartphones and a wearable (sensors) application that enables the patient’s family to connect with their loved ones while in a hospital, skilled nursing, or memory care facility. The client’s goal was to make the connected world a simpler and more affordable place to live in using the Internet of Things and mobile technology.

First, this was accomplished by uploading and displaying personalized videos from family and friends to enhance personal connections and reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness. Secondly, by using wearable technologies (medical sensors of vitals) to predict and warn users when their medical parameters (Heart rate, SPO2, Stress) are going below or above an established threshold. This essential system also warns the medical staff and family automatically. Periodically, status can be monitored through smartphones.  The application provides feedback regarding how many times the videos are watched by the patient and it is a platform for status updates from healthcare staff via text messages.


They needed a feature-rich application that could handle thousands of videos being uploaded and shared over the internet. Additionally, it was required to run in a cloud environment and to be developed quickly. The current application had the following challenges:

  1. Feature enhancements were difficult to implement due to legacy methodology.
  2. Frequent (OS) operating system device crashes occurred because of outdated application libraries.
  3. Application performance was very slow due to architecture code quality.
  4. The server-side architecture needed to be enhanced.
  5. TV functionality needed upgrading to support patient privacy policies.


The Charter Global team upgraded the client’s application libraries to the latest versions and migrated all of their Android and iOS code to support the Android X components. Refactored the TV application codebase to support the updated privacy policy terms. Charter Global’s team identified the root causes of the system crashes and low performance. They designed and implemented solutions that improved the code quality and the performance of the entire application by 100%.


As a result of these enhancements, the client was able to increase its subscription base by 50% within six months of deployment to the production environment.

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