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7 IoT Trends on the Rise

Look Out for These 7 Trends in the Internet of Things (IoT)   Trends include the rise of cloud computing, big data convergence, artificial intelligence, smart cities, and more   By Leila Kojouri   The internet has become a beastly enterprise, with the past ten years seeing more technological advancements…

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Big Data: More than a Numbers Game

Big Data capabilities are a vital aspect of identifying, assessing, and leveraging insight for competitive advantage.   Typically, you can rely on your IT team when it comes to everything big-data related. On the other hand, your business team is faced with the challenge to identify opportunities. Understanding how to…

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3 Reasons Android and IoT Partner Well Together

Android is the Preferred Operating System in IoT   Android is a Major, Driving Force in the IoT Industry   IoT is defined as the interconnectedness of different smart devices over the internet. Recent years have seen a major uptake in IoT developments. With features like sensors and internet connectivity,…

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IoT and 5G: 5 Trends to Look Out For

IoT and 5G Technology to reign supreme in the realm of self-driving cars; healthcare; logistics; smart cities; and even retail.   As the 5G mobile network becomes more mainstream, various industries are capitalizing on the value of wireless connectivity with respect to the market in smart devices and the Internet…

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