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Why Android is an MVP in IoT

Android is the Preferred Operating System in IoT   Android is a Major, Driving Force in the IoT Industry   By Srirama Sai Kiran Palavancha   IoT is defined as the interconnectedness of different smart devices over the internet. Recent years have seen a major uptake in IoT developments. With…

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Machine Learning and IoT

Machine Learning and IoT   by Srirama Sai Kiran Palavancha   Machine Learning is a valuable player in the realm of the Internet of Things. ML and IoT have seen a tremendous rise in popularity over the past few years, considered by many as revolutionary, game changing tech. However, it seems…

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IoT Trends in the Software Industry

IoT Trends in the Software Industry   By Srirama Sai Kiran Palavancha   Traditional software is operated by people and functions on desktop computers or on computers in data centers and more recently on mobile phones and tablets. The internet of things introduces a complex combination of hardware and software…

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IOT Trends That Will Shape our Future

IoT Trends That Will Shape Our Future   By Ramarao Ragolu   Big Data Convergence: IoT not only emphasizes changing the way of living and doing business, but it also keeps an eye on generating a huge amount of data. Big data platforms are usually made for supporting the demands…

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Blockchain Trends on the Rise in 2019

Blockchain Trends on the Rise in 2019   By Leila Kojouri   Thought of as a "simple technology," experts are eager to use blockchain as a substitute for more complex technologies in different sectors. Fortune 500 high tech companies Microsoft, Oracle, and IBM introduced cloud-based blockchain services, and they have…

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The Universal World of IOT – Part II

The Universal World of IOT - Part II   How IOT is Becoming Part of Our World - Part II   By Ramaroa Rugulu   Recently, we discussed IOT as it relates to various purposes in our lives at work and home. Today's post is a continuation of this content,…

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The Universal World of IOT

The Universal World of IOT    How IOT is Becoming Part of Our World   By Ramaroa Rugulu   Internet of Things IoT is about internet-connected devices such as home appliances, vehicles, hospital equipment, small and large scale industrial machinery and other physical devices. The three components of IoT are:…

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Mobile & IoT Tech Trends

Mobile & IoT Tech Trends   Current and future trends used for mobile devices and expanding into IoT.   Near Field Communication (NFC)   Mobile phones are at the mature phase of the product lifecycle causing manufacturers to search for new ways to squeeze out profits. However, they keep reinventing the…

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IoT Trends and Prospects

IoT Trends and Prospects for 2019   Internet of things (IoT) is one of the fastest growing technologies of modern times. Furthermore, it keeps opening new areas of possibilities and innovation that was unimaginable a decade ago.   Development and Increase of IoT Devices   The continuous development of IoT…

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Baidu Launches OpenEdge

Baidu Launches OpenEdge, an Open-source Edge Computing Framework   Chinese internet giant Baidu has recently launched OpenEdge, the company’s first open-source edge computing framework. By using OpenEdge, developers can create “lightweight, secure, reliable and scalable edge computing community.” This is also the first open edge computing framework in China.  …

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