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Top 7 Internet Safety Rules

It's the first day of summer and the sun is shining high. But don't get too comfortable, because hacking season is always in full swing.   Ransomware encrypts and locks the files that are most precious to you. So don’t leave them vulnerable. Backing them up is a good strategy.…

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Microservices Applications: Pros and Cons

Microservices architecture involves breaking down a software application into smaller components, rather than just having one large software application. Typically, this involves dividing a software application into smaller, distinct business capabilities. These can then communicate with each other via an interface. Microservices are an architectural style used to build an…

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Microservice Applications

The Universal World of IoT

Internet of Things IoT is about internet-connected devices such as home appliances, vehicles, hospital equipment, small and large scale industrial machinery and other physical devices. The three components of IoT are:   Internet as the medium, or communication method "Things" (objects / devices) known as hardware Software   These devices…

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The Universal World of IOT