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How automation reduced the customer processing time by 300 percent.

A public transportation company was looking for a strategic partner to automate their manual workflow process. They needed a feature-rich application to replace the current process to provide data insights to their customer’s eligibility.   Challenge:   Their entire process — from applications being submitted to assessing the eligibility of…

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Automation Process

How Charter Global developed a .Net Cloud Solution by Automating the Client’s Manual Process.

A Fortune 500 company was looking for an application development company to automate their manual processes and design an internal system to improve how they managed their customer infrastructure support requests.   Challenge:   Their current process was managed with excel spreadsheets. It lacked integration with the various key departments…

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Automating Client

How to Leverage RPA to Improve Your Back Office

Back office operations include a range of functions like accounting, IT, HR, data management, and much more. Charter Global frequently works with clients seeking a more streamlined back-office with Robotic Process Automations in order to improve overall efficiency.   What tasks are able to be automated?   If an assignment…

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RPA Automation Tools

5 Ways to Use Artificial intelligence (AI) Right Away for a Success Business in 2020

Artificial intelligence could become the future of business, but we strongly suggest that you don’t need to wait to start leveraging from it.   Artificial Intelligence or sometimes called “machine learning” is growing rapidly within many industries, due to the complex benefits associated with this new technology. From restructuring administrative activities…

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Artificial intelligence (AI)