Blockchain Technology’s Role in Enhancing CLM and KYC Processes

Author: Charter Global
Published: March 22, 2024
Categories: PEGA

At PegaWorld 2018, Pega introduced the Pega Blockchain Innovation Kit alongside the pioneering Pega Client Lifecycle Management™ (CLM) and Pega Know Your Customer™ (KYC) use case. This innovative kit offers a proof-of-concept framework enabling banks to explore the integration of Pega CLM and Pega KYC with the Ethereum blockchain, particularly within the client onboarding journey. 

Blockchain Demystified: 

Blockchain stands as a novel technology garnering significant attention, especially within the Financial Services sector. It operates as a distributed ledger facilitating secure and immutable data exchange in a sequential manner through encryption key technology. Essentially, blockchain ensures secure and transparent data exchange among authorized parties, laying the foundation for cryptocurrencies and emerging as a transformative force in the financial industry. 

Leveraging Pega Blockchain for Enhanced CLM & KYC: 

Blockchain offers heightened security, collaboration, and cost efficiencies, driving its adoption in Financial Services for cross-border transactions, trade finance, smart contracts, and compliance processes like CLM and KYC. Financial institutions face high compliance costs for KYC due diligence to combat regulatory risks. Blockchain reduces duplication of efforts through shared ledgers, while Pega’s model enables self-governance and immutability, streamlining customer onboarding. With advanced cryptography and data transparency, blockchain ensures secure and accurate records, extending enterprise applications into a distributed ecosystem. 

Pega’s Blockchain Innovation Kit: 

The Pega Blockchain Innovation Kit provides a seamless integration pathway for Pega clients seeking to merge their CLM and KYC software with Ethereum blockchain technology. This integration enables secure compliance information exchange, underpinned by a predefined Smart Contract dictating blockchain interactions. 

A key advantage for Pega CLM and KYC clients lies in minimizing customer engagement requirements, thus enhancing overall customer experience. By empowering customers to manage their compliance profiles, blockchain ensures adherence to data privacy and security standards. Moreover, the shared compliance data across banks enables customized risk profiling while maintaining compliance with internal risk policies. 

Blockchain’s Role in Digital Transformation 

Digital transformation revolves around leveraging technology to optimize organizational processes and customer service. Blockchain aligns with this objective by enhancing automation, data verification, and tracking capabilities. When integrated within enterprise ecosystems alongside digital process automation (DPA), blockchain drives efficiency gains in client outreach initiatives. 

In Summary 

In conclusion, blockchain technology emerges as a pivotal tool for revolutionizing CLM and KYC processes in the Financial Services sector, offering enhanced security, collaboration, and operational efficiencies. Pega’s Blockchain Innovation Kit facilitates seamless integration, paving the way for transformative advancements in client onboarding experiences.