How Often Should You Update Your App?

Author: Charter Global
Published: October 27, 2020

We all know that application development (App Dev) is expensive and it can take several months to complete. These projects are strategic corporate investments, and they must be updated through the process of the “Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) to achieve the full market value for the App.

No matter what type of App has been designed, updates and maintenance are inevitable. These additional expenses should be factored into the on-going cost of the App Dev project. With new technology and APIs coming out daily, the need for your App to be used or integrated with other platforms and software is high. The external software applications and APIs are being updated regularly. Even one small change of code in an external software can cause your App to come crashing down.

Once the “Application Development (App Dev) code is complete, it is sent to the QA team to perform testing, identify bugs, and to provide feedback. You might find that some of the features you built-in is not really usable or applicable, or that you’re missing a key element to bring the functionality of the App together. This is the first opportunity for internal updates. When the App is released to the production environment (Prod) and subsequently to the public, it will start receiving feedback from end-users. This is the second opportunity to make updates to the new App.

While each App is different, updates should be fairly frequent, due to the ever-changing world of technology. It is recommended that Apps be updated once every 30 days to include batch fixes, regular maintenance, fix minor bugs, and implementing new features/functionality into a single update.

Without proper maintenance, an App can get old, very fast. Updates can not only freshen up the usability of a company’s application development but also ensure that it is staying customer-focused. Knowing that an App is getting serviced is also a way to let customers know that their feedback is being heard and valued. This communicates to the end-user that it is important to the company that its customers are happy with the functionality and overall design of the App. The additional benefits of updating an App include: enhancing the marketing strategy, include more personality, customization (i.e., holiday-branded for a limited time), and connect with the end users/customers based upon their feedback.

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Posted by Charter Global Inc. on October 27th, 2020.