How to Outsource your App Development and Succeed

Author: Charter Global
Published: August 14, 2020

In an age of competitive technology, the faster a company can come out with new developments, the higher their chances of staying ahead of the curve. Their customers start to see them as a leader in the industry, and they create a reputation of a business always striving to improve. However, for most companies, it can be hard to find the right team for mobile app development – and even harder to retain them in the aggressive job market of cross-functional developers.

Outsourcing App Development

Deciding to outsource for some businesses is an easy one. From a financial standpoint, it makes sense to outsource instead of hiring several full-time employees. The payroll and health care fees alone can make a new hire extremely expensive (especially to startups). Those that can afford to pay for an in-house team might still choose to outsource simply because outside teams often have extensive experience working on a broad range of applications – a trait that’s valuable to most cutting-edge companies.

Rather than worrying about keeping a task force of employees busy, an outsourcing app development team can be used here and there as projects are thought of by the company. This helps to reduce waste and improves time management overall.

Success Tips for Outsourcing

To truly benefit from outsourcing, the correct third-party team must be chosen. Unfortunately, not all outsourcing app development teams are created equal – even if they may say they are. To find the perfect complementing team, asking around for recommendations is a great first step. You never know your connections in the world of outsourcing until you ask! You just might find that a solution is closer than you think.

Once an outsourcing company has been identified make sure that their project management and work style matches up with your company. You will want to be on the same page about timelines, approval drafts, as well as communication (frequency of meetings, the medium through which members will talk, etc.).

If the outsourcing company has done projects in the past that are similar, being able to see those examples is another great way of determining whether they are the perfect fit for your app development or not.

While all these tips might seem like easy things to do, finding an outsourcing app development company you know you can trust can be hard. If you are having trouble matching with an experienced outsourcing company, contact Charter Global to help. We have executed over 100+ application development projects both small and large.