Want Simple and Efficient Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Configuration Migration Tool?

Author: Charter Global
Published: January 29, 2019
Categories: Microsoft

The “Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Configuration migration tool is designed to migrate the entity configuration data from one environment to another. To clarify, configuration data is a kind of metadata, or data about data. The configuration tool allows efficient movement of entity configuration data without custom code or leveraging ETL tools. Additionally, there are many other valuable features that will help users.

This tool will:

  • Specify conditions to avoid duplicate records
  • Enable or disable plug-ins
  • Easy import and export data
  • Specify desired entities which should be included

Dynamics 365 is one of the most effective tools that proficiently caters to different business needs. In addition, all types of CRM developers choose Dynamics 365 because of its no-code property.

Schema and Exportation Data

Create a schema with help of Dynamics 365; the schema file will contain information about the data to be exported. Complete the following steps to build the schema file:

  • Firstly, open Configuration Migration tool and click on the exe
  • Next, select Create Schema and click Continue
  • Enter authentication details in the Login page to connect your desired organization, from which you want to export data, and click
  • Go on the Select the solution list and pick the solution where lies the data you want to export
  • Select the entities and fields you want to export from the selected solution
  • Click Add All next to Select Entity list if you want to export all entities
  • After that, the selected items will be displayed in the Selected Fields and Entities section and once done, click Tools and select Validate Schema to confirm the export of the selected data.
  • Next, click Save and return to the main page
  • Click Save and Export in the main screen, specify the name and location for the schema file to be exported and click Yes.
  • Consequently, in the next screen, go on the Save to data file box, specify the location for the data file, and click Export Data. The screen will display the message when the export will be completed.
  • Finally, close the Configuration Migration tool by clicking Exit.

Import the Exported Data

Import the exported configuration data to the target Customer Engagement instance with the following steps:

  • Firstly, select import data on the main screen
  • Secondly, after providing the authentication details, browse the data file to be imported.
  • Next, click Import Data and then select Ok.
  • Finally, the screen will display the Import status, once done, click Finish and exit the tool.

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Dynamics 365 Apps

As a full-spectrum powerful CRM engine, Dynamics 365 is equipped with the following apps:

  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Marketing
  • Project Service Automation
  • Field Service

These apps seamlessly work together to empower the sales, marketing, and service delivery teams. Our professionals will work together with your team to understand your business’ unique needs in a better way to plan and execute the most effective CRM system.

Dynamics 365 can be implemented solely in the cloud, on premise or hybrid. This application integrates with other products like Office 365 and comes with advanced features like Microsoft Flow and Microsoft PowerApps which enhance its productivity and maximize employee efficiency.

Advantages of Using Dynamics 365 CRM

Benefits of using a configuration migration tool like Dynamics 365 CRM are:

  • It’ll digitally transform your organization with customer data and customer engagement being handled at a single platform.
  • Seamless management of sales, marketing, and customer service departments.
  • Enhanced accessibility.
  • Automate processes within the business.

Whether you want to migrate your business from other systems to CRM or want to upgrade from older versions, this requires a well-thought-out plan. Dynamics 365 CRM strategists at Charter Global have worked with several organizations and the well-defined methodology that’s designed by our experts assisted our clients in their data migration.