Should you consider Hiring during Covid-19 Pandemic? A Complete Guide!

Author: Charter Global
Published: October 7, 2020
Categories: People Solutions

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has taken over almost every part of our lives. As of October 635,740,361 people worldwide were infected with COVID-19, according to the World Meter. 

The outbreak has severely damaged the global economy, displacing many professionals from jobs and businesses. According to the UN Conference on Trade and Development, the pandemic will cost the world economy approximately 1-2 trillion by 2020. 

While tough decisions are inevitable, there is some positive news: great people are easier to find now than ever before. 

With layoffs happening across the country, people with in-demand skills are opening up and looking for new opportunities. As an employer, resumes can be filled with people who are the main assets of your company. If you are looking for a new resource or are thinking of taking advantage of an expanding talent pool, there is a simple solution: 

The best solution in this situation could be to associate with a recruitment agency or staffing agency. 

There are numerous benefits to getting associated with a recruitment agency.  

First could be a guaranteed result, Staffing agencies bench sales team continuously work to get the right talent pool on to their dashboard, so that they would engage them with the right company at the right time when required. 

If you need temporary employees, recruitment firms can quickly find good people who can fill the gaps. You may be wondering why you need a recruiting agency when you have thousands of resumes on your plate. However, recruiters are experts in filtering resumes quickly and efficiently to find the most suitable candidates. Ultimately, it saves time and, more importantly, protects you from costly recruitment mistakes. 

If you have short-term needs and do not know how long the position will be needed it can be very beneficial to hire temporarily through recruitment agencies. Not only do recruiters find suitable candidates, but they can also sell the opportunity. It is a unique set of skills that take time to master; If you are looking for talent quickly, recruitment agencies are the way to go. Now more than ever, employers may need temporary administrative assistance, and companies have pools of proven, loyal candidates. 

If you are looking for a long-term or permanent team member, recruiters are there for you too. COVID-19 completely changed the game. There are a lot of things that employers have to handle when navigating through new challenges. Recruitment agencies will take care of all these for you and your employees. 

Where do Staffing agencies or recruitment firms fit in? Again, they are highly professional and talented individuals with specialized skill sets. Recruiters can filter resumes and conduct interviews in a fraction of the time. Recruiters build relationships with people and sell opportunities.  

Recruiters can find those rock stars that are complete game-changers for your company. 

If you are looking to hire temporary, contract or permanent employees in any industry, Our Charter Global Talent Acquisition team members are technical experts in evaluating various in-demand technologies and we will evaluate the technical aspects of a resource before we move forward. Please contact Charter global to learn more about how we can help. We are just a click away from you. 

Posted by Charter Global Inc. on October 07th, 2020.