It’s time to upgrade your application development Tech Stack

Author: Charter Global
Published: May 20, 2020

Tech stacks are the source of data and all the elements that go into the building (as well as running) a mobile or web application. New versions of tech stacks are very common – as people continue to innovate, changes must be made in how applications are created. These updates can improve the capabilities of the stack, boost security, and make applications easier to develop overall.

As with anything, it can be easy getting stuck in the traditional way of doing things. Developers might find a tech stack they like and stick with it for quite a while because it’s familiar and easy for them to use. However, these developers are missing out on many tools and opportunities that new industry tech stacks bring. The best developers understand the need to balance reliability with modernity and scalability.

A company’s tech stack should constantly be evolving. While it might stick to the same foundations, finding ways to reduce response times, cut costs, leverage data, and better meet customer needs is a critical aspect of being successful. The most profitable companies in the world are those that are consistently updating their tech stacks to better support the ever-evolving applications they create for their customers.

Not only is it important that the application is backed by updated technology, but also with developers that are able to adapt to the changing situation. New industry tech can sometimes have a hard learning curve, but without learning the proper skills, this new tech can go to waste (or simply not be used to the best of its ability). Developers should always work as a team when deciding what to add on to their stack to ensure widespread support and synergy across them all in order to maximize the potential of the tech.

Additionally, when adopting new industry tech, developers have a better opportunity to automate their base processes, enabling them to add on more things without compromising the integrity of the entire application. This can also free up the time needed to learn those new skills we mentioned above. Instead of worrying about keeping up with adding on more and more things to a developer’s to-do list, they are able to take a large amount of static work off of themselves with automation to streamline the process. Developers can then work on creating new features that will add value to their application, like more extensive dashboards.

Keeping track of all the new tools available for your stack can be overwhelming. Charter Global is able to help you reduce cycle time while increasing quality and stability with the various tech stack tools available. We can evaluate your current tech stack to determine areas for improvement making your application development easier to develop overall.