Prioritize These 4 Features in Your Mobile App Development Process

Author: Charter Global
Published: January 7, 2020

Mobile device usage has seen incredible growth in the past decade. As such, software development has seen a huge impact on the amount of technology geared towards the mobile market.

More shoppers have been using their mobile phones and tablets for the sake of convenience. As a result, businesses are developing apps or optimizing web design specifically for mobile users.

Having apps and mobile-friendly web design helps maximize potential sales and growth. Here are the essential features a mobile app development process should include.

1. Security

Identity theft and financial hacks are becoming common.  For preventative purposes, it is important to make sure that an app is secure and protected against these threats. Many apps require credit card information, especially when an ecommerce function is integrated.

Businesses should always ensure that their clients are protected.  They should be transparent on how the client data are being used in the app. The policies and practices should be clearly outlined before users are being asked to provide personal information. In this way, the users will trust the company and will feel that the business has credibility. Users providing their financial information online show their trust in the app and will likely use it more.

2. Ease of Navigation

Poor design is one of the main reasons why an app is deleted. Most users consider the overall usability and user-friendly design as key functions of a great app.

A mobile device does not have a keyboard nor a mouse, so typing should be minimized when designing an app. Users also favor having to scroll instead of clicking. Scrolling feels natural and shows more content quickly because there is no need to wait for pages to load. Imagine having to click through 5 pages of a top 10 list instead of just scrolling through it on a single page.

3. Social Media Integration

In 2017, it was reported that there are over 3 billion active social media users globally.  That being said, social media has an extensive influence in our lives, including the way we do business.  More than being a platform to share photos and status updates, social media has transformed into an essential tool for businesses to reach their customers.

Integrating social media in mobile apps offers expanded brand awareness. Users can share posts about the business, thus reaching more people. Social media integration brings increased visibility and recognition to potential customers or users of the app.

4. User Feedback

Having the ability to provide feedback gives users the satisfaction that they are being heard. This also lessens the need for them to call or email the support team. It will help the business by having an understanding of what the users want, the things that need to be changed, or the things the users want to see in the app. It is imperative that businesses constantly improve their apps to provide value to their clients.