Reaching Your Q4 Goals with Automation

Author: Charter Global
Published: November 10, 2020

Q4 usually has a big impact on companies as they focus on ramping up sales and getting in touch with old clients. Due to all the unexpected events this year, your Q4 goals might need to be revisited and reevaluated. 2020 might not have given your business the same opportunities as you were hoping, which is why it’s important to make decisive and obtainable year-end goals to ensure your employees feel excited and empowered to reach them.

As technology continues to be incorporated at almost every level of business, more and more are turning to automation and machine learning to streamline their processes. Any time you can reduce expenses and increase profits it equals a higher ROI and success.  Automation uses a set of specific commands to perform repetitive tasks again and again. Some automated processes are able to learn as they go and can adapt to new information that comes it’s away. Some of the benefits of utilizing automation and machine learning include:

1. Frees up your employees to do the important things.

It is very common for staff to get bogged down with repetitive tasks, sometimes called, “busy-work”. Not only is this a waste of resources, but it can damage staff morale. Implementing automation and machine learning to accomplish repetitive tasks can empower and engage your staff to utilize their critical thinking skills and creative thinking skills to focus their valuable time on analysis, problem-solving, and innovation.

2. Minimizes human error.

Even the most experienced Data Analyst or Business Analyst can, on occasion, make a slight mistake. We are all subject to the phenomena of human error, especially when there is a huge amount of data to be processed and analyzed with a very tight deadline. Automation can help reduce errors, identify trends and patterns in big-data that might have been overlooked.

3. Helps your organization make better decisions.

The holiday season can be a great time for business if it is leveraged properly. Using automation and machine learning can give you a better idea of which leads to pursue, the marketing collateral they are most likely to respond to, and how to close the sale. Streamlining the client pursuing process can reduce expenses and increase year-end profits.

This means that while your company is busy paving its way through the quarters, you can plan in advance how to change your automation strategy to coincide with the specific goals you are trying to achieve. For the first quarter, it might be to generate new leads. For the fourth quarter, it might be closing sales.

Contact our consultants to discuss how we can help you plan, design, and develop an automation strategy for your business. Let us help you reach your Q4 goals this year and plan ahead for FY2021.

Posted by Charter Global Inc. on November 10th, 2020.