3 Social Recruiting Mistakes to Avoid

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3 Social Recruiting Mistakes to Avoid

3 Social Recruiting Mistakes to Avoid


Social media has not just impacted individuals, but has also impacted different business aspects in a meaningful way — and this includes social media recruiting. In the present world, job seekers go to social media platforms to search for job positions — this has also propelled employers to embrace social media for hiring.

Typical examples of such social platforms that both employers and potential employees are leveraging include Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Indeed, these are valuable social channels for recruitment.

It may interest you to know that;

  • 70 percent of HR mangers confirmed successful hiring via social media channels.
  • 80 percent of employing agents affirm the possibility of finding most suitable candidates with social recruiting.
  • Talent hunt and hiring via social media is being achieved by 91 percent of employers.

However, it is important to say that social recruiting may not be as simple on the surface. It is more than merely creating a profile or reaching out to potential talents. If not done correctly, some social recruiting mistakes can impact your recruiting negatively.

Here are some identified social recruiting mistakes and approaches to prevent them from happening:


#1: Using Social Media Only for Publishing Job Openings


If you are just posting job-openings related contents, it’s a sign that you are putting social channel at the backburner. The message is simple; you should do more than just posting job openings, bearing in mind that job seekers also want to learn about your company in addition to looking for job openings. In fact, you may not attract the right talents if all you do on social media is just post job openings.

What to do: Don’t just share job-related openings, also target at building a following by sharing wide range of contents centered around employer brand as well as personal brand. Create and post contents that highlight your brand’s unique values, culture and image.


#2: Not Prioritizing Interaction


You should do more than attract likes and comments. Consistent interaction with potential talents should be your priority as a recruiter. You need to build powerful connections with your target audience.

What to do: Build relationships by interacting with other users. So, when you post contents, you should also endeavor to always get involved with the posts of others. In essence, learn to share meaningful contents posted by others and also comment meaningfully on their posts. It’s a great way to build and grow social relationships with a target audience in a super fast manner. However, bear in mind that you have to invest quality time for this purpose.


#3: Not Sure about Your Preferred Candidate before Posting on Social Media


Another social recruiting mistake is to take to social media posting without first determining who your ideal candidates are. More importantly, you’re probably using the same approach when you post a different job opening — this is a faulty tactic what won’t produce desirable result with social recruiting!

What to do: Explore the personas of your target candidates — these are simply essential characteristics and traits (plus goals, employment history, skills and more) of your target candidates.


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