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Data is the new oil

Build a brighter future, using your own data

Are you utilizing your organizational data effectively to improve your business?

data anxiety

Do you have data anxiety?

Data can be overwhelming – especially in large amounts.

We'll identify patterns and trends in your data flow, leading to serious business results.

Get ahead of the curve. Leverage machine learning models to gain real-time insights on customer behavior and trends.

What does your data say about you?

Learn more about the science behind your strengths and weaknesses.

Detect trends that shape the future of your profits.

Own your value proposition.

Myth: We already have data analysts – we don’t need machine learning development services.

Unlike data analysts, data scientists find hidden patterns in your data

These patterns are used to measure the success rate of your business decisions.

ML predicts customer behavior, all in real time

data analysis

E-commerce website – online Self-service Use Case

Problem – Without the right product number, online shoppers have trouble finding a part to repair a plumbing issue. The only frame of reference the customer has is a picture of the part they have uploaded.

Solution – The build artificial intelligence (or deep neural network) image matching module compares the given image from the customer with images of all cataloged products, identifying the most accurate match for their consideration.

 Benefits – Improves the end-user experience and customer satisfaction, and customer care agents don’t need to assist consumers in identifying the right spare part. Hassle free self-service empowers consumers with tools they need.

Call Center Use Case

Problem – The pressure to make a sale in a limited amount of time can be problematic for customer service representatives (CSRs).

Solution – Imagine a system that predicts the buying behavior of a consumer, including preferred services or products. Prompts advise agents to make recommendations at the point of call, saving time and stress for both parties.

Benefits – Average Handle Time (AHT) is greatly reduced. CSRs confidently and accurately pitch recommendations. Non-buyers are filtered out from their channels. Buying trends and overall Convesion Rate Optimization (CRO).

call center

New Hire On-Boarding Use Case

Problem – Large organizations require new employees to access different applications, networks, and databases. The onboarding process may take weeks to provide accessibility.

Solution – Based on the job role, a list of recommended applications, networks, and database access is generated for the new hire.

Benefits – ML processes generate system-initiated access requests, reducing the need for manual intervention. Employees can start achieving professional goals faster, creating a feel-good, stress-free environment.

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