User Interface Development

Author: Charter Global
Published: November 10, 2014
Categories: Microsoft

User Interface Development” is the development of websites, web applications, mobile applications and software development. “User Interface” plays a key role in the “software development life cycle”. Most people assume user interface development solutions are creating the websites and writing HTML, CSS and JavaScript, but User Interface goes far beyond these technical terms. The goal of the user interface is to make the user’s interaction as simple and efficient as possible, in terms of accomplishing user goals.

User experiences only front end interactions, the look and feel of the website/ application and they don’t think about the back end or what is written and why. Users need to feel engaged and at ease when they visit our website. That’s where the user interface development process comes into the picture – to fulfill this task.

User Interface Services” can be divided into two phases in website/application/software development:

1. Research + Design

2. Development

Research and Design:

Research and Analysis are all about interviewing users, project stakeholders, and gathering their input to create a requirements document that includes personas, user scenarios, and user experience evaluation metrics.

Research is usually done by business analysts and a user experience team. Both teams collect all information and inputs from users and project stakeholders in order to discuss technical terms with developers and project managers, and finally, they prepare final documentation.


UI Development System” can be considered as the middle groundwork by combining both design sensibilities and technicalities together. UI developers are skilled at making something look good and function correctly in a browser/device at the same time.

They have the production skills to be able to communicate with backend developers, and collecting data from server/backend and displaying to the user. They are fully responsible for client side / front end logics and functionalities.

There are plenty of opportunities for UX Designers and UI development services, the current market today calls for a high demand for this skill set. Charter Global keeps a hand on the pulse of the market; with the ability to quickly and efficiently ramp up client projects. Charter Global consultants have extensive expertise in domain areas across the IT spectrum covering many industries.

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