iOS 13: The Notable New Features You Should Know

Author: Charter Global
Published: August 5, 2019

Apple will officially release iOS 13 and iPad OS this fall, probably in September. We don’t have to wait, however, as Apple has released a version of iOS 13 through its Public Beta program.

Below are the some of the key features and enhancements:

Dark Mode

    • We can turn on the Dark Mode on iOS 13 in Control Centre inside the Display slider. This is perfect for low-light environments, Dark Mode is easier on our eyes and won’t disturb people around us.
    • We can set it automatically to turn on at night through a schedule or custom time.
    • It is integrated throughout the iOS, from built-in apps and settings to system-level views.

Photos & Camera

    • The Photos tab has been redesigned to help us find, relive and share our favourite memories. Using on-device machine learning, it intelligently hides similar photos and reduces clutter, like removing screenshots and receipts, so we can focus on our best shots. We’ll also see our library come to life with auto-playing Live Photos and videos.
    • Apple is bringing a number of new editing features to iOS 13. Virtually adjust the position and intensity of each Portrait Lighting effect, so we can easily sharpen eyes or brighten and smoothen facial features just like a photographer in a studio world.
    • Image Capture API lets us import photos directly into an app when a camera is connected to the iOS device. 

Privacy & Security

    • Sign-in with Apple
      • With iOS 13, Apple is bringing a new feature for enabling seamless and secure authentication. The new ‘Sign in with Apple ID‘ feature will let users log in to apps and websites using their Apple account directly.
      • The feature will allow users to sign in using Face ID or Touch ID or create new accounts without passing on any personal information. Apple will automatically create a new, personal email address for each app that users sign in to. This will prevent apps and websites from getting your personal email address.
    • Privacy
      • New location controls and transparency features help us stay more in control of our data. Choose to allow apps access to our location just once. And there are more protections than before from people who want to track us without our permission.
    • HomeKit Secure Video
      • Footage from home security cameras contains users most personal and sensitive data. So Apple designed an end‑to‑end encrypted system where the user video is stored securely to iCloud and it can be viewed only by the user and people who joined, based on the user invitation to, Home app can view it.


    • Apple is also introducing a new feature called Look Around in the Maps app that offers a 3D experience while checking out a place, much like Google’s Street View.
    • Maps now let users share their estimated time of arrival with their loved ones.
    • Users can build lists of local must‑see spots and places they want to visit on their next vacation and share them with friends.


    • Siri is getting a whole new voice on iOS 13, thanks to neural Text-To-Speech (TTS). This means Siri will sound less robotic and more natural, especially while speaking longer sentences. The voice is still entirely generated via software.
    • The Shortcuts app is now built in and brings together shortcuts from our apps with the ones we’ve created. Shortcuts are also more conversational, so we can do things like tell Siri “Order home delivery from Caviar”, and Siri will pull up a list of restaurants we previously ordered from along with our favourite dishes from each one.
    • Siri can now read incoming messages aloud, so user can listen to it without picking up the phone.

Memoji & Messages

    • Memoji Stickers, is a new feature which turns users Memoji and Animoji characters into sticker packs that allow user to express a range of emotions in Messages and they are available in the iOS keyboard. So users can use them in Messages, Mail and third-party apps.
    • Quick Path Typing, is a new feature in iOS 13, simply swipe from one letter to the next without lifting your finger to enter a word. On‑device machine learning recognizes the path you draw and converts it for you, making one‑handed typing a breeze.


    • Now it’s even easier to create and organise reminders. The quick toolbar lets us add dates, times, locations, flags, photos and scanned documents. And Siri suggests reminders we might want to add, like creating a reminder while we make plans in Messages.
    • Quick Toolbar, use the new quick Toolbar to add times, dates, locations, flags, photos and scanned documents to the users remainders.
    • Smart Lists, Smart lists are more helpful, they automatically organizes the reminders and grouping them by Flagged, Scheduled, and Today.


    • Apple is updating CarPlay with the biggest set of changes, including a new Dashboard view for music, maps and more.
    • New smart Siri suggestions help us in open the garage door when we are near home or remind us of our next Calendar event.
    • Do Not Disturb While Driving, User can enable Do Not Disturb While Driving in CarPlay, so notifications won’t come through.


    • Launching of Apps in iOS 13 is 2x faster.
    • Apps available on the App Store will become up to 50 percent smaller, thanks to newer packaging. Even app updates are set to become up to 60 percent smaller, Apple says.
    • Face ID unlocking is also set to get up to 30 percent faster on compatible iPhone models.

Augmented Reality

    • ARKit 3
      • AR apps can now place virtual objects naturally in front or behind people for new and more immersive experiences.
    • Motion Capture is also supported, letting developers integrate people’s movements right into their apps.