5 Core Values of Agile Software Development Company

Author: Charter Global
Published: July 27, 2020

Having an agile framework in a business is the key to adaptability. As the world of technology gets increasingly complex, a business needs to be able to change along with it. In turn, they are seen as a cutting-edge company with a leg up from competitors.

Agile software development covers a wide area from engineering to the deployment phase. Agile software, by definition, is incredibly flexible and quick to create solutions to problems. As a team, agile software developers are collaborative and work for hand in hand with the client to prioritize what increments of the project need to happen first.

Rather than having a specific “start to finish” timeline, agile software is focused more on brief sprints with very frequent collaboration sessions for the team to solve issues together.

To stay on the same page as a team, members follow along with the same core values. Some of the top five include:

1. Software that works is the key measure of success.

Instead of delaying the deployment of the software because of small issues or software that isn’t “perfect,” agile methodology sets specific intervals for each portion of the project and once that time is up, the team moves on. While the finished project might not be perfect, it will be wrapped up in an extremely fast time span.

2. Great builds come from organized teams that are responsible for themselves.

Agile development teams are self-organized and self-propelling. While they work collaboratively with the client, they are extremely independent and self-reliant individuals. Because they set their deadlines and project outlines, agile software development teams can organize projects on their own.

3. Communication should be two-way and constant.

Communication is arguably the glue that holds the team together. By holding frequent in-person meetings, agile software development teams can brainstorm together for quick solutions to problems and can hold each other accountable (and lend a helping hand if needed).

4. Change is good – and welcomed.

Agile teams are used to change and often find that change is a great way to look at problems from a different angle. Rather than being inflexible with variables, “agile software developers” are always ready to take on changing factors.

5. Simplicity should be used wherever possible.

The more complex the solution, the harder (and longer) it will take to complete and implement it by the team. Agile software development teams often try to integrate automation into their solutions along the way to make it quicker and easier to move on.

While using a regular team is great for certain projects, it’s often not the method businesses need as technology advances. When it’s time to implement agile software development for your project, call Charter Global.