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Author: Charter Global
Published: June 4, 2018
Categories: SAP

SAP Hybris products are created for easy implementation to most businesses’ preexisting systems. The intergradation process is straightforward therefore fast to market. Each SAP Hybris application is linked to one another. So, as a company grows and is in need for additional support in ecommerce, marketing, sales, billing, service or customer data, there is a SAP Hybris product for that. Its components are designed to work together in all settings and systems. This feature makes a company’s transition process to a full SAP Hybris system hassle free. Therefore, businesses do not need to completely change their current systems in one instance. The change can be done over time, which is cost effective and allows for a smooth transition.

Businesses that implemented SAP Hybris saw tremendous increase in their Return on Investment (ROI). The increase of the ratio between their net profit and cost of investment resulted from their integration of SAP Hybris. In a study commissioned by SAP these businesses saw a 307% increase. The study, “The Economic Impact of SAP Hybris Commerce Cloud for B2B,” focused on both qualitative and quantitative information from a number of businesses who run their website using Hybris.

SAP Hybris continues to be the first choice for many businesses due to its stability, large global implementation partner network, and vertical industry solution focus. The numerous applications for business problem solving and quick integration process makes SAP Hybris an industry favorite. There is also an application connector that can work with JDE applications providing easy implementation. Due to its enhanced functionality and seamless shopping experience, SAP Hybris is ultimately improved the buyers’ journey and overall experience.

According to the study, a composite organization using SAP Hybris Commerce Cloud solutions over three years was able to:

  • Drive an additional 50% of revenue digitally.
  • Enhance customer experience.
  • Reduce order processing costs by 70%.
  • Improve productivity across teams.
  • Experience a 5% increase in average order value.

Marcus Ruebsam, senior vice president and head of strategy and solution management of SAP Hybris, stated: “As evidenced by this latest study, SAP Hybris Commerce Cloud empowers organizations to make the buying process not only easier but more profitable.”

Read the full study at SAP Hybris.

Vendors, such as Charter Global, who understand the business value of SAP Hybris ecommerce, have developed innovative pre-configured SAP Hybris solutions, which can also be customized. Clients such as PPG have experienced rapid ROI from the solution.

According to Phil Bauer, VP Information Technology, PPG: “Charter Global enabled us to achieve our goal of deploying a full featured ecommerce solution that will help us to improve our online customer experience and allow us to stay competitive in our market.”

If you would like more information on pre-configured SAP Hybris ecommerce solutions, visit Charter Global.