How Companies are Incorporating the Internet of Things(IoT) in Business?

Author: Charter Global
Published: August 1, 2016

Internet of Things (IoT)” is a trending movement in the digital world that provides perspective on inter-connectivity, smart devices, and digital marketing. For those of you who aren’t familiar with IoT’s impact on business, look at the way innovations and disruptions are changing the landscape of the enterprise. Here are six examples of how companies are incorporating IoT in business.


Making hay out of someone else’s sleep habits is a really smart idea. Beddit does exactly that. A prolific “Internet of Things(IoT) solution” for solving sleep issues, the Beddit Sleep Tracker is a step ahead of the wearables and mobile apps. It allows the user to enjoy peaceful sleep sans the hassle of wearing anything around the wrist or anywhere else on the body.


Tuck the sensor strip under the mattress, and you can track your Sleep Score for the night. In addition to the number of hours of sleep, the tracker also evaluates sleep efficiency, snoring pattern, resting heart rate, and respiration cycle. Beddit provides a collaborative platform for consumers, mattress manufacturers, and clinical experts to compile and analyse data.


Logitrac GPS tracking services enables your vehicle fleet to know when it’s time to fuel itself. Positioned as on-the-go fleet management, customers include a never-explored segment of teen travellers, fishing trawlers, and ambulance services. With its innovative MVNO solutions, virtual logistic monitoring has improved significantly from Logitrac’s real-time GPS tracking and personalised mapping services.


Close to 100 million people suffer from various forms of memory impairment. With a large potential customer base, SmartSole offers innovative benchmarking. Its unobtrusive GPS tracker sits discreetly in the inner sole of the shoe. Sensors track every movement of the wearer, enabling the user and their friends to have real-time awareness and record through personalised GPS navigation and tracking of their whereabouts.


BabyBe is all about bringing a mother closer to her premature baby. Babies incubating in neo-natal facilities are unable to receive mother’s close attention. BabyBe’s medical device is a mattress laced with wireless sensors. Safe and secure, the mother can track every physiological and physical activity of the developing baby. BabyBe is a revolutionary product that connects technology with a mother’s attention.


Boston Scientific
Boston Scientific’s numerous simulator and patient monitoring systems validate why the clinical healthcare industry has grown to be such a large and innovative segment. Up-to-date reporting on pain management and post-surgery recuperation tracking systems from Boston Scientific removes the physical gap between the patient and the doctor. The doctors can monitor the performance of the implanted pacemakers through a regular cellular connectivity.


Other significant IoT success innovators include Daimler’s Mercedes Me, TomTom Spark, and LITAMS who are creating more effective connectivity solutions and making life and business easier.