Give a Fresh Look to Legacy User Interface (UI)

Author: Charter Global
Published: May 22, 2020

We continue to use Legacy User Interface’s (UI) for lots of reasons: they’re dependable, tried, and true methods that developers have used for years and years. However, when it comes to traditions, developers can get stuck using the same solutions to problems that have evolved (leading to solutions that aren’t effective anymore).

Why It’s Important to Update

The way technology changes make it hard to stay with legacy User Interface (UI) for very long (unless a company has no other options or is simply being stubborn). By updating, an application can be easier to use, provide more functionality to customers, and better reflect a company’s brand. At all times, an application needs to be optimized for the end-user: a company’s target audience. Because an audience’s needs are never static (they are constantly evolving as technology changes the way they live their lives), it’s important to maintain an evergreen approach to UI design.

Companies that have not been able to make any changes to their legacy UI for a long time will typically notice a dramatic decrease in customer engagement and use of their web or mobile application. Anticipating a customer’s needs or desires is the key to placing yourself at the cutting edge of an industry, and a critical aspect of showing your audience that you are the expert.

Drawbacks of Updating

Depending on how long it has been since the UI has gotten a fresh look, it could take a while to go through the lengthy process of reworking many of the outdated features on the application. This will typically require some research to see just what your customers need within the application and might even force an overall branding update if it’s been long enough as well. Integrating the brand within the application, along with beautiful UI design is the best way to show your company can adapt to change and do what is best for their customers. With so many companies already modernizing their apps, businesses that are left behind will surely feel the impact in their retention and engagement rates.

Where Charter Global Comes In

Simplifying navigation, adding voice commands, overall presentation look, and even how the customer can interact with the site itself are all new updates that can give legacy UI a fresh design. The Charter Global research team can suggest a variety of new UI screen recommendations off of what your customer wants or expects from your application. We will be able to tell you all the features to focus the most time and effort on, as well as which ones can be taken off of your application entirely. Let us help you modernize and update your old legacy User Interface (UI) to a beautiful, state of the art UI design.