How automation reduced the customer processing time by 300 percent.

A public transportation company was looking for a strategic partner to automate their manual workflow process. They needed a feature-rich application to replace the current process to provide data insights to their customer’s eligibility.




Their entire process — from applications being submitted to assessing the eligibility of the rider was paper-based. This manual submission process led to significant delays in determining their customer’s eligibility. It was determined to be inefficient and costly in man-hours, as it required a lot of effort to remember various workflows for each rider and process accordingly. This manual process was also prone to basic human error.




Charter Global developed the Single Page Application solution using the client-recommended technologies. The user interface was built using the Vue framework and APIs were developed using the Express web application framework adhering to the microservice architecture. The new features consisted of the following:


  1. Enabled the user to generate dynamic forms in real-time.
  2. Allowed setting up meetings with customers.
  3. Technology stack needed to be consistent with existing systems.
  4. The solution needed to be easy to maintain.




The new online application eliminated all existing paper documents simplifying their entire workflow management process. It allowed their customers to submit applications online creating a self-service model. In addition, their management team was able to create reports in one click. As a result of the new application, the client was able to reduce the customer eligibility time by 300 percent.


Implementing a new microservice architecture and automation proved to be highly effective and saved valuable resources for our transportation client. During the pandemic, this digitalized solution helped our client users to continue operations without any manual interactions.


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Posted by Charter Global Inc. on April, 21st 2021.