How Can Microsoft SharePoint Enhance Your Business?

Author: Charter Global
Published: December 18, 2020
Categories: Microsoft

The SharePoint platform is being used by over 190 million users in 200,000 organizations. For many industries, SharePoint enables companies to automate workflows, empower teams, and create team websites in the cloud. The system allows data and information to be stored, shared, and accessed remotely by anyone who is granted access by a SharePoint Administrator.

SharePoint & Other Apps

Being a part of Microsoft’s lineup means that SharePoint can be integrated with any of their other applications, such as Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. SharePoint is built with a variety of ways for customization to any organization, making it a great choice for a business looking to change the way their employees collaborate, stay organized, and remain accountable online.

The expert-level teams at Charter Global are highly experienced and have implemented SharePoint for organizations across a broad range of industries. We ensure that the design and functionality of the platform are optimized to meet all your business needs. We can efficiently migrate your business from previous versions and legacy sources like Vignette, SAP, Lotus Notes, Oracle, EMC Documentum, etc.

What SharePoint Can Do for You

When we implement SharePoint for our clients, they quickly see improvements in operational efficiency, streamlined workflows, and automated workflows, as well as, an increase in staff productivity and a reduction of labor hours.

Information and data are identified and delineated by a hierarchy within the application, making it easy to grant or limit access to specific information, without hindering collaboration or interactivity. SharePoint is very user-friendly and we are happy to provide maintenance/updates, as needed. With our consulting package, we are able to quickly train your employees to use this new platform.

SharePoint Extras

There are different SharePoint sub-products that can be utilized: SharePoint Server, OneDrive sync, and SharePoint Designer. SharePoint Server offers businesses the ability to manage their subscription specifically at their location, while OneDrive sync allows employees to save and sync documents onto their computers in order to use them offline. SharePoint Designer expands on SharePoint’s workflow solutions and processes, allowing for more flexible builds on the part of company employees. If you are unsure which SharePoint products to use for your business, Charter Global can help!

Why You Need Charter Global

Anyone looking to focus on efficiency and automate processes for their business for 2021 will find a great match in hiring Charter Global to implement SharePoint. Technology and data are only becoming more demanding; however, the key is to manage them and utilize it to your advantage. This will enable your business to become more customer-centric and dominate the competition. Let us help you migrate your current information and data to SharePoint. Take a look at our Microsoft Office solutions to see what options there are for your business.