How to Perfect Your IT Recruitment Strategy in 2021

Author: Charter Global
Published: January 24, 2020
Categories: People Solutions

You may be asking yourself, “Why should my company use a professional services agency for staffing?” The answer may surprise you. The fact of the matter is, there is undeniable value in using a professional services agency over-performing those same duties in-house for many reasons. For many reasons, staff augmentation and on-boarding new hires is not a DIY (“Do it Yourself”) commodity – especially for jobs marketed within the information technology sector.

The first reason companies choose to use a professional services agency as a business partner is time savings. When a job is posted, companies may receive over 200 responses, or they may receive nothing. Sorting through a stack of resumes is time-consuming and costly to the organization because the person designated to do that is abandoning their normal duties. Advertising positions, doing reference checks, background checks, drug tests and interviewing eat up time and resources. What’s more, weeding through job candidates is a laborious, massive undertaking – primarily because of a certain demand for specific skill sets when it comes to IT recruiting services.

Recruiting and hiring are two different things. As the tech industry continues to see exponential growth, the ability to select the right candidate for the right role both quickly and efficiently can become problematic. Hiring managers can lack the foresight and expertise that recruiting firms and recruiting experts maintain. Enter: the second reason substantiating the need for IT recruitment services: like a huge part of many professional service agencies. At Charter Global, for example, 100% of our senior-level recruiting focus is spent recruiting and placing employees. With 20 + years of experience in the staffing and recruiting arena, we know how to structure job descriptions and postings that get the results our customers want.

The third reason is screening techniques. Since our entire focus is finding the right candidates for each position we are entrusted with, we know screening the applicants is the key to success. Skills testing modules, interviewing techniques, employment reference checks and knowing our customer’s company culture are all critical to the process.  Yet this is just a small portion of a well-defined recruitment strategy our information technology recruiters employ. We have resources available to us that most companies do not guarantee placing top talent in the right roles.

The fourth reason companies come to a professional services agency is for their expertise in project-based work, on/offshore resources, contract assignments, and permanent placement services. Technology leaders know their budgets aren’t to be taken lightly. For example, there are some tasks that that don’t justify hiring an entire team for a 6 – 9-month project. Those are times when you need our expertise in on/offshore project-based professional services to save you time and money.

Customers are looking for a “True Business Partner” when it comes to their professional services provider, and our clients have found that a partnership with Charter Global consistently delivers great returns on their investment. The fifth reason for professional IT recruitment strategy involves an important factor: reputation. Precautionary measures are instilled with every candidate selected by a professional services agency, which otherwise might get overlooked. Our recruiters work tirelessly to ensure the right candidates, equipped with the right soft skills and technical skillets, are placed into the right positions.

If you are considering a partnership with a professional services agency, Contact US one of Charter Global’s Client Engagement Managers. We would be happy to speak with you about the right services for your company.