Make 2021 the Year of Strategic Success!

Author: Charter Global
Published: November 19, 2020
Categories: Tech Startups

It is common at the end of the year to reflect back on your organization’s balanced scorecard. As we all know the year, 2020 produces a plethora of challenges and opportunities. Some business sectors thrived, while others encountered difficulties. For many organizations, goals and objectives went unrealized, due to the unforeseen events that incurred. In business, as in life, there are cycles that will always be changing and evolving.


The end of the year is the time to collaboratively work on your strategic planning process. It is recommended to develop a plan that has some short-term goals, such as the next 12 months. The shorten time-span is applicable, due to the still-present uncertainty we are all facing in our global economy. The strategic planning process doesn’t have to be super complex. Try these steps to develop a strategic plan:


  • Brainstorm – break-off into small groups and collaboratively come up with a list of possible goals and objectives. Hint: the more diversity in your groups, the more comprehensive your list will be.


  • Discussion – come back together to disseminate and discuss all of the ideas in a supportive environment. Vote as a group on which are the top three items.


  • Communication – take the list of the top three items back to the leaders of your organization where they can ascertain the financial equity to prioritize and fund these endeavors.


  • Execution – begin to work on the chosen projects to benefit your organization.


  • Success – this process will help your organization achieve strategic success in 2021!


Please contact Charter Global to help your organization with strategic planning for 2021, whether it is an informal process, as stated above, or a formalized corporate strategic planning process to develop long-term and short-term goals for our Business Analysts and Technical team can bring your vision to really in 2021.


Posted by Charter Global Inc. on November 19th, 2020.