4 Tips for Effective Mobile Recruiting

Author: Charter Global
Published: August 13, 2019
Categories: People Solutions

4 Tips to make Mobile Recruiting an Essential Part of Your Hiring Strategy

Using mobile technology, an HR unit can engage mobile recruiting to attract, engage as well as convert candidates. Typical examples of mobile recruiting methods include mobile recruiting apps, mobile career sites, social recruiting, and recruiting by text.

Mobile recruiting offers an evolving opportunity for employers to connect with candidates in a more efficient manner. A research study showed that more than 89 percent of job candidates confirmed that their mobile devices are going to be an essential tool as well as resource for job search.

No doubts, the use of traditional methods such as phone calls and emails have helped in time past in employment processes. However, the rise in mobile usage among people searching for job has made mobile recruiting a more viable tool for recruitment in 2019 and beyond.

What Research Results are Saying about Mobile Recruiting

According to the outcome of the research carried out by Human Capital Institute; “While 70% of job seekers use their smartphones or tablets to search for job positions, only slightly above 30 percent of employers are leveraging mobile to recruit online — this set of employers call themselves ‘talent-centric.’”

What bell does this ring? Whether you want to attract candidates who are actively engaged in smartphone usage, or engage candidates in the course of hiring, you need to upgrade to mobile recruitment. But how? Keep reading to learn how.

Tip #1: Don’t Ignore Mobile or You will be Ignoring the Best Candidates

If you ignore mobile in your recruitment process, you may end up ignoring the top candidates for those positions you wish to fill. So, why is it quite important to feature your recruitment strategy on handy devices such as smartphones and tablets? The answer is simple…

“By not integrating mobile strategy in recruitment, companies are giving up skillful and qualified candidates. This is because a good number of highly-talented people are changing the way they search for job, both the entry-level candidates and the senior executives”, says a recruitment expert. And, it’s a pity that a lot of companies are hesitating to swing into mobile recruiting.

Tip #2: Imbibe a Strategic Mobile Hiring Strategy

Wondering where to start when it comes to mobile hiring strategy? For now, don’t focus much on smartphone apps. The first step is to focus on making your company’s career website mobile-friendly. Be the judge of whether or not your career site would enable mobile users to apply for your positions by browsing the site on a mobile device – iPhone, Android phone or tablets. This will help you determine how best to repackage your site to suit the present day job seekers.

Tip #3: Take a Cue from Your Rivals

Another great way to do mobile recruiting is to take a cue on how your competitors are doing it. There’s no need reinventing the wheel — be smart and do less work by taking a cue from your rivals who are already taking advantage of mobile for recruiting. Take a long and insightful look at a well-structured mobile career site.

Tip #4: Find out and Implement Mobile Users’ Needs

You should also research on the needs of mobile users. The message is simple; learn about your target audience. Locate a group of persons/candidates critical to your recruiting. Subsequently, you should sit back and find out their needs in terms of what your company has to offer better than the other rival company.

Finally, get to the essentials of mobile recruiting by developing robust mobile devices’ landing pages.