One of the Most Expensive Software’s Due to High Maintenance Costs

Author: Charter Global
Published: May 27, 2020
Categories: Tech Startups

Oracle is a popular system created around a “relational database framework,” where data can be found on the front end of an application through queries and can run on multiple different platforms like Linux, Windows, and Mac OS. There are different editions that Oracle offers, each with various functionalities appealing to developers. With advanced features as well as hosting leading database solutions, Oracle continues to be a top choice among developers.

It is no secret that when companies grow, they attempt to become more streamlined to provide the highest quality services with the lowest expenses possible. As companies become more aware of the features and costs associated, Oracle has come under heavy scrutiny. Oracle strategy is increasingly complex, with many hidden costs (as well as hidden complexities) that companies do not understand until they are trapped within the long-term use of the software.

The high maintenance cost of Oracle software is one of the highest across the industry. Instead of allowing businesses to grow through simpler processes, Oracle forces the use of their products that requires long migrations. Additionally, Oracle doesn’t typically innovate their new features, opting for acquisitions of other companies to provide these instead. Because the plan to acquire companies is kept a secret, customers are unable to plan at all.

Oracle requires newly acquired products to be licensed and re-engineered with non-integrated features: On top of that, they require customers to purchase the integration technology necessary to properly integrate their new products into the system. With a 22% maintenance fee customers see their expenses grow as they need more features and services.

Now, it’s safe to say that there are some good reasons why Oracle’s software is so expensive. However, there are also a lot of cheaper alternatives that can offer many of the same benefits. In a rapidly changing technologically advanced society, staying on top of the best options (with a balance of a smaller budget) can allow a company to be flexible. For most of our clients here at Charter Global, we don’t tend to recommend software that costs a lot to maintain just because there are so many other cheaper options that might be better suited for your budget. We never want you to spend unnecessary money on maintenance costs! Our job is to make your company succeed – and that means offering the best software aligned with your business.