Software Development Talent : How to Attract & Keep

Author: Charter Global
Published: July 15, 2020

In the software industry, job positions are constantly available and typically hard to fill. The IT demand is high, while the supply is relatively low in this field, which means anyone with a software development skillset often has their choice of companies to work for.

Attracting Talent

To attract talent to a software development position, many companies will try to offer unique incentives to entice them. This could be flexible work like remote positions or differing schedules depending on what time developers enjoy working. Offering a large base of training and a team to have around them are also great ways to catch the eye of someone looking to switch jobs.

Most importantly, developers want to know that a company is supportive, respectful, and appreciative of their employees. When posting a job or attending job fairs to find new employees, managers should pay particular attention to how they explain their company values and ethics – these are things that potential employees will want to identify with directly. Once it is time to interview the person, focusing on how the company can allow the potential employee to grow is a great point of view the interviewer should take.

Keeping the Talent You Have

As a manager or CEO of a company, you want to retain all the good talent you have in the organization. Fortunately, there are a few ways that managers can encourage employees to stay within the company.

For one thing, companies should do everything they can to make the jobs of software developers easier – like providing updated technology and codebases that are up to date with company projects. Allowing developers the freedom to create software development talent without micromanagement and extensive rules/procedures is another way to keep them happy.

Nobody likes to do the same thing every day, and the creative side of developers will only thrive when they can try new things and innovate. Providing a software development team with interesting projects with the freedom to brainstorm and solve problems on their own gives them the ability to shape the company and have a stake in what they are creating.

Lastly, ensuring that everyone within the organization aligns with the values of the organization is key for making a happy and functional workplace. software development talent should feel that they fit like a puzzle piece within the organization.

Finding talent and retaining them are entirely two different tasks of management that are crucial in keeping a company moving forward. When it is time for your business to find new software development talent and are unsure of how to attract them, give Charter Global a call today to see how we can help!