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Why Android is an MVP in IoT

Android is the Preferred Operating System in IoT   Android is a Major, Driving Force in the IoT Industry   By Srirama Sai Kiran Palavancha   IoT is defined as the interconnectedness of different smart devices over the internet. Recent years have seen a major uptake in IoT developments. With…

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3 Trends in Microservices

3 Trends in Microservices   Microservices is a software development methodology, or Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) style responsible for application structuring. From the performance of microservices leading up to 2018, experts have identified some trends that will characterize microservices in 2019.   #1: Test Automation   Conventionally, individuals structured test…

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An Introduction to Google Analytics

An Introduction to Google Analytics   By Rajashekhar Patlolla   Google Analytics is a web analytics service provided by Google. It is used to track the user actions on the website to learn about visitors. The data collected includes: how the user found the website (the source), how much time…

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The Universal World of IOT – Part II

The Universal World of IOT - Part II   How IOT is Becoming Part of Our World - Part II   By Ramaroa Rugulu   Recently, we discussed IOT as it relates to various purposes in our lives at work and home. Today's post is a continuation of this content,…

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Upgrading the Digital Landscape for Renters

Upgrading the Digital Landscape for Renters   Modernizing and Optimizing Open Source Architecture   By Leila Kojouri   Remember the days of reading through classified ads in the newspaper to find a rental property? Now, it seems the process of paging through newspaper ads are obsolete. The developers at Charter…

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Windows Core OS to Include Open Source

Windows Core OS to Include Open Source   Windows Core OS to Include Open Source Components as Hinted by a Microsoft Employee   Historically, Microsoft has always been seen as a company that is opposed to open source. Times have changed; Microsoft is now one of the biggest contributors in…

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The Future of Microservices

The Future of Microservices – Predictions for 2019   Microservices to have a year filled with innovation.   Microservices offered exciting moments and features in 2018, but not without some challenges. Experts give 6 predictions of what the future holds for microservices in 2019.   Prediction #1: Increased Migration to…

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Migrate from Sitecore to Magnolia CMS

Migrate from Sitecore to Magnolia CMS   A migration from Sitecore to Magnolia may provide an easier, more accessible and less expensive CMS.     Sitecore is perhaps the most sophisticated .NET CMS in the world. It works for managing, testing, optimizing, personalizing, and automating content. So, large or content-centric…

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