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The Future of Microservices

The Future of Microservices – Predictions for 2019   Microservices to have a year filled with innovation.   Microservices offered exciting moments and features in 2018, but not without some challenges. Experts give 6 predictions of what the future holds for microservices in 2019.   Prediction #1: Increased Migration to…

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Migrate from Sitecore to Magnolia CMS

Migrate from Sitecore to Magnolia CMS   A migration from Sitecore to Magnolia may provide an easier, more accessible and less expensive CMS.     Sitecore is perhaps the most sophisticated .NET CMS in the world. It works for managing, testing, optimizing, personalizing, and automating content. So, large or content-centric…

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Open Source Software Intro

Why do Organizations Prefer Open Source Software?   Executives are choosing Open Source software and finding great success. More and more organizations are choosing it over proprietary software and a lot more will make this transition in years to come. Understanding the concept of open source software and its functionality…

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Baidu Launches OpenEdge

Baidu Launches OpenEdge, an Open-source Edge Computing Framework   Chinese internet giant Baidu has recently launched OpenEdge, the company’s first open-source edge computing framework. By using OpenEdge, developers can create “lightweight, secure, reliable and scalable edge computing community.” This is also the first open edge computing framework in China.  …

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Google Launches Flutter 1.0

  Google has launched its portable UI Toolkit Flutter 1.0 during its Flutter Live conference in London. Flutter 1.0 is a mobile development platform allowing its user to write apps that share a single code base across iOS and Android with a Native User Interface.     During the launch, many compared Flutter to…

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