Top Mobile App Development Trends That Will dominate in 2020

Author: Charter Global
Published: September 30, 2020

It’s important to keep up with trends, especially as you continue to improve your internal business applications. Users of your applications tend to change their tastes so quickly that businesses struggle to keep up when they’re not already on the curve of upcoming trends. This is why we recommend frequently surveying and gathering feedback from your customers to ensure they are in line with your services. Even though this year has had a lot of ups and downs, 2020 is no different.

In recent months, COVID-19 has boosted the need for updated technology and faster (and more relevant) applications in the market. While other industries have been negatively affected, the tech industry has soared. Within this whirlwind of a year, we’ve seen quite a few different major trends take hold. Specifically:

Location tracking has been increasingly used. Although at this point we’re all used to applications being able to track our locations when the setting is enabled, more and more businesses are creating apps to use this feature to make their customer’s lives easier. For many mobile apps, they require your location to function at all.

Applications syncing with multiple outside technologies including cars, watches, home security systems, and even refrigerators. As “smart” technology continues to pervade our tech shopping carts, we won’t stop seeing this increase in syncing abilities of mobile apps any time soon.

More people are using mobile apps to make payments. With fewer people using physical checks and the ever-increasing use of the internet, it only makes sense that more and more apps allowing for payments across platforms would come into play in 2020.

Artificial Intelligence Applications and application features continue to take the online world by storm. Artificial Intelligence often makes certain tasks easier on customers (as well as their shopping and customer service experiences) and will continue to be utilized in future apps as they have been.

Augmented reality, or applications like Snapchat and Instagram, have quickly caught the attention of younger generations. Even though these applications often rise to the top quickly and then get overtaken by other applications, they are still a major source of revenue and exposure for companies.

Deciding to create an application in 2020 has been hard, even though the tech industry is booming. With safety being a top priority, many companies are still requiring their employees to work from home which, in some cases, can make developing an application hard to do for those that are not used to virtual work. If you are interested in developing an application but don’t have the team to do it, get in touch with Charter Global today to see how they can help – virtually!

Posted by Charter Global Inc. on September 30th, 2020.