Transform your Business with Microsoft Innovation

Author: Charter Global
Published: March 24, 2017
Categories: Microsoft

Microsoft is helping enterprises create solutions to transform your business and the customer experience. Microsoft Innovation Centers offer a comprehensive set of programs and services to foster innovation and grow sustainable local software economies. While each center tunes its programs to local needs, they all provide similar resources and services designed to accelerate technology advances and stimulate local software economies through professional training, industry partnerships, and innovation.

Charter Global has broad experience migrating clients from previous versions of SharePoint and legacy sources such as Lotus Notes, Vignette, Oracle, SAP, and EMC Documentum. Every SharePoint project follows a standard development process integrating best practices in QA and risk management. Charter Global offers extensive expertise in Microsoft cloud technology with guidance to reduce complexity and cost, and support to get the most out of your Azure and cloud environment investment.

“Our industry does not respect tradition – it only respects innovation” – Satya Nadella

MS Solution Customer Success Stories

Microsoft Office 365: Azure Global Cosmetics Company

The client engaged Charter Global for its specialized Microsoft consultants. They developed a Microsoft-based strategy to increase productivity for the company’s R&D teams. The consulting team worked closely with the company’s team to deliver Microsoft Office 365 and Azure business productivity tools.
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SharePoint & Office 365 Automation: Global Specialty Chemical Company

Charter Global brought together a team of specialized consultants and developers skilled in Microsoft SharePoint Client Side Object Model (CSOM) and PowerShell with SharePoint for Microsoft Office 365. The team was focused on building a SharePoint site provisioning automation tool in-house. They also defined the scope and limiting factors of data for security groups and user permissions at the site level for list columns and libraries.
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SharePoint Office 365 Migration: High Tech Tracking Solutions Company

Charter Global assembled a team of specialized consultants and developers skilled in SharePoint Office 365 to augment the client’s team. With the additional IT staffing resources and technology expertise provided by Charter Global, the team was able to address the client’s productivity issues. Their collaboration on the project ensured that the migration from on-premises to the cloud-based platform was completed smoothly.
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SharePoint and Office 365 Deployment: Personal Technology Company

The company-wide use of Lotus Notes templates made it necessary to engage resources with specialized expertise in Lotus Notes templates and the ability to successfully migrate 400 applications to SharePoint 2013. Charter Global assembled a team of IT professionals with the requisite expertise who developed a strategy to implement a portal solution in SharePoint Server 2013 Advanced Solutions to help automate the company’s manual processes.

SharePoint Customization: Regional Banking Franchise

The client selected Charter Global to provide critical IT staffing and oversee the complex, multifaceted project. After analyzing user needs and determining the client’s portal governance requirements, a Charter Global consultant implemented the enterprise SharePoint application in alignment with Federal compliance regulations. To complete the project, service packages, hotfixes, and cumulative updates were also implemented.
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Microservices Solution: Global Fleet Logistics Leader

The client engaged Charter Global to evaluate its business requirements and provide solutions that would enable it to deploy updates and new applications more rapidly and frequently. Charter Global identified several challenges, including monolithic applications that relied heavily on legacy infrastructure and excessive use of enterprise Oracle solutions like SOA, BPEL, and OSB.
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SharePoint 2013 Solution: Fortune 500 US Energy Provider

The client engaged Charter Global to evaluate the project and provide the necessary expertise and staffing resource to complete the assignment. Charter Global identified a specialized consultant who applied SharePoint 2013 coding standards and best practices to the client’s existing custom code and modules. This optimized performance, maintenance, and compatibility of the code. Two application utilities were developed to manage SharePoint site updates, which included adjusting each site to read-only format and adding important notifications. With the new utilities implemented, updating hundreds of sites was completed in minutes rather than hours.
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