What do You need to Know About Microsoft SharePoint?

Author: Charter Global
Published: August 7, 2020
Categories: Microsoft

In today’s remote environment the world is looking for better collaboration software to make working successful during the pandemic, more and more companies are turning to Microsoft SharePoint. As a management and collaboration system, SharePoint allows its users to be halfway around the globe while still being able to access company documents and communicate across businesses easily. The software can be used on a company-wide basis, or even on a smaller scale with branches, departments, or teams.

Content & SharePoint

There are quite a few features that SharePoint provides to attract so many different businesses. Organizations can store their entire collection of content within the software. From this hosting site, employees can connect, organize, and share (both internally and externally) any files they might need to. This content can be organized in many ways as well, including based on lists, specific libraries, or off of the metadata they contain. Once the content is within an organization’s Microsoft SharePoint database, it can be easily searched through for specific files as well.

Team Benefits

Managing a team that works from multiple locations can be hard to do without the right base. Microsoft SharePoint offers a place for team members to collaborate easily on any files shared across a group, review elaborate data sets, and directly communicate with each other through “subsites” of the software. Being able to access the same organization files at the same time is a fantastic benefit for collaborative teams that must meet virtually to make decisions.

SharePoint Online vs. SharePoint Server

The largest difference between SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server is that the Server is used onsite, while online is used more as a cloud-based option. SharePoint Online tends to include the full Microsoft Office 365 Migration Service and the back end of the program is hosted by Microsoft itself. Because SharePoint Server is specifically created around an organization, the platform is operated and run directly by the business. The downside to using SharePoint Online is that it isn’t quite as customization as SharePoint Server can be (updates are also done at will by Microsoft and can potentially disrupt the organization’s systems when they occur).

Although SharePoint is widely used around the world, it can be a little overwhelming with all of its options for new users. With the right time dedicated to learning the software, Microsoft SharePoint can be adapted to almost any type of business and will encourage communication and collaboration amongst employees throughout an organization. If you are looking for a SaaS service similar to SharePoint (or are unsure if SharePoint is the right one for you) give Charter Global a call today for a free consultation!