Why is there such a demand for Full-Stack Developers?

Author: Charter Global
Published: May 6, 2020

Whereas many people are either strictly front or back end app developers, a full-stack developer is a combination of both. These resources can work with different programming languages, are typically good at project management, can create an overarching web design, and understand the user experience well. For most full-stack developers, they know the full workings of the back and front end and tend to specialize in a select few areas within them.

How People Become Full-Stack Developers

Becoming a full-stack developer is not a quick process – it often takes developers many years of experience working in different positions (switching between the front and the back end). As they work through these positions, they naturally pick up all the ins and outs and store them in their minds. Eventually, they’ve become a full-stack developer when they know everything that goes in into the front and back end, as well as how to manage themselves and interact with customers to ensure a cohesive design. They can easily communicate and create a website design while taking into account the technical aspects that will alter the project duration, limitations, and resources.

Where does the Demand for Full-Stack Developers Stem From

At one point a few years ago, full-stack developers weren’t able to completely use their skills because apps were starting to become extremely complex. They required more than one person to work on them at a time to be completed. However, with the help of app frameworks and third-party components, full-stack developers now have the time to manage the entire process instead of creating everything from scratch.

The Current Need for Full-Stack Developers

As more and more businesses turn to mobile applications to reach their customers and get better ROI, the need for full-stack developers has skyrocketed. While having a front end or back end developer is nice to have, a full-stack developer is better able to see the big picture in terms of app creation. They can find and fix errors along the way without needing to consult with multiple people along the app development chain.

Think of it this way: You have the option to hire a chef to cook for you and your family every day. Would you rather pick the chef that only knows how to cook appetizers, or would you rather hire the chef that has years of experience in all areas (full meals, desserts, breakfast, etc.)? In the same way, hiring someone with across the board knowledge of app development is more applicable and efficient.

Using Charter Global As Your Full-Stack Development Team

Here at Charter Global, we don’t just focus on one aspect of app development – we are your go-to source for all things mobile! Whether you need an e-commerce site, new interactive, or informational app for your customers, get in touch with us today to see how we can be your full-stack developers for life.