Why Recruiters are essential to a Company’s hiring process?

Author: Charter Global
Published: June 26, 2020
Categories: People Solutions

For hiring managers, finding the right applicants can be extremely challenging, time-consuming, and expensive. Utilizing a recruiter can take a lot of the stress from the extensive task off of the employer or manager and streamline the process. Recruiters are often better able to search through different areas to find applicants and narrow down the selection to those with the highest chance of being hired.

Recruiters are able to find applicants through job fairs, by going directly to colleges, internal databases, social media, and making job postings online. The process that recruiters must go through to find the best applicants is not easy or simple – and often, must change depending on the position needing to be filled. Therefore, recruiters must be extremely knowledgeable of what a position in an organization needs in an applicant, where best to find quality leads, and how to be flexible enough to adapt as new situations in an organization arise.

As a recruiter, every day will look different. New positions open up, others are filled, job fairs are held, and there are often hundreds of applicants to sort through. For a recruiter, everything in their day is fast-paced. Without doing their job, an organization can lose a lot of money as the right people are not there to keep it running. Although many people don’t think much about recruiters after they are hired, recruitment consultants are a crucial aspect of a company.

Recruiters are great at talking to people. They enjoy seeing the potential that people have and can predict how someone will thrive in a position. For the most part, recruiters are quick thinkers that love getting to know a variety of different types of people to see where they would best fit in a company.

Although most companies have an internal HR team already in place. The goal of the recruiter is to assist while HR keeps the company running. Without knowledgeable recruiters to find the correct employees, an organization would fall apart quickly.

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