How to Turn Your Website into Mobile Apps

Author: Kamesh Garimella
Published: April 29, 2020

Every business has a website and every business needs a mobile app. The benefits of having a mobile app can increase customer engagement, loyalty, and visibility of your service or product. There are two ways you can turn your website into an app – through a converter platform, or by using a development company specializing in mobile apps.

Use a Converter Platform

Converter platforms are a DIY (Do It Yourself) option for somewhat tech-savvy individuals. Building your app is typically easy to use with templates and different drag and drop options to choose from. However, many converter platforms only allow you to create an app that opens your website within a mobile browser (and that is the app). This doesn’t offer any new functionality or experience for your customers, so it’s important to know what type of result you’ll get when using a converter platform.

Converter platforms can be a cost-effective option for smaller businesses hoping to see a return before hiring an app development company for more unique app options. For the most part, a converter will only be used to copy over website information with no extra functionality. However, depending on the converter platform you use, you will be able to add a blog and/or social media sharing options.

Use an App Developer company

Businesses using an app development company will see many more customized options and greater functionality within the app than if they were to use a converter platform. These types of apps can be integrated within already existing company systems, will load faster than converter platform apps, and can grow with a business.

Instead of being limited to one type of app, a development company can create an app for whichever operating system you need (whether it’s Apple, Android, Google, etc.). A mobile app development team will be able to create an easy to use app that engages your customers in a way that isn’t possible with converter platforms.

The Charter Global Process

Our app development process includes five steps:

  1. Our team collaborates with you to see what type of solution you need.
  2. We will create a rough draft of wireframes to your specifications.
  3. We start rolling out the first round of your functional, user-centered design.
  4. We work with you to test, evaluate, and optimize your new app.
  5. Your app is launched on the Play Store and App store once you’re completely satisfied.

Let the Charter Global team create the perfect app for your business! Contact us today for a free quote.