Scrum Team As a Service

Author: Charter Global
Published: April 1, 2020

The days of submitting a request to Human Resources (HR) to hire a scrum one resource at a time is the thing of the past. When your organization needs to deliver a solution quickly why not contract a Scrum Team as a Service. Forming large projects one resource at a time can be ineffective when the time to market is critical. Old school thinking to accomplish big tasks requires a new approach to application development to create highly functional and effective teams. In today’s modern age, businesses have turned to smaller, agile software development collaborations to provide quick, flexible development solutions – Scrum teams.

Scrum as a Service model is comprised of self-motivated and well-communicated individuals including Scrum Master, Tech Lead, Developer, Architect, Quality Analyst, and Database Administrator.

Scrum Master

While members of the team are typically self-starters, the general expertise of scrum masters helps the flow of communication to ensure productivity. This position doesn’t necessarily grant authority over the other members – it’s more of a role that plans when the team will come together for meetings as well as figuring out how the team itself will flow.

Tech Lead

Tech Leads are often previously Developers. They have a keen eye for writing code and help to support their team with technical solutions and ideas. It’s imperative that Tech Leads are included in a scrum development framework to ensure that software is taken into account in every way possible for a solution.


A Developer in a Scrum team does the work. This “title” doesn’t represent one specific type of skill set – it’s more of a term used to say who is behind the actual work (not design or any abstract thinking of the project). Developers are organized and know their limits.


Architects are concerned with the system being created by the rest of the team. They will ensure that the system follows organization protocols and correctly finds a solution to the main issue the team was formed around. The Architect double-checks the work being done and consistently has a “big picture” thought process.

Quality Analyst

This tends to be one of the most overlooked positions in a Scrum team. With the basis of the team to be very quick and flexible, members often don’t want to be held back to ensure quality (which is why it’s so important to have a specific role for it). Quality Analysts think of the end-user and tests the team’s solution throughout the development process to ensure quality.

Database Administrator

DBA’s are tasked with reworking processes to streamline workflow in the team. They prepare all the backend services for the team and keep all work organized and backed up. This person likes to ask questions and ensure the overall solution will work.

Having a Scrum team gives you the opportunity to find fast solutions not typically found by larger, denser groups. Charter Global can help you find the perfect members to hiring a scrum team. With our 5-step proven candidate selection method, you will have the right resource to solve your business solutions.

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